Project: Website

ACS needed to update their old, static website into a WordPress & WooCommerce-driven system. We added all their products in, along with attributes. A “compare” button lets you see product attributes side-by-side. They also had a few requests for custom features. Type of Site: Radio Distributor

ACS Radios

Unicus owns multiple fitness centers around Chicago, and needed to organize all that information on one WordPress site. We also came in to take portrait photos of their trainers, location photos, and even shot some video interviews. Type of Site: Fitness Center

Unicus Fitness

In addition to doing regular updates for Big Air, we went in and updated their existing code to a responsive design for mobile. Some non-essential information gets hidden, and the content fills the width of each device. The menu gets swapped out for a simple drop-down that’s easy to navigate. […]

Big Air Wake Towers

This site allows you to register for the upcoming conference, and also view photos, videos, and information about it. Note: This was designed by an outside team, then given to us for all the front-end coding.

Safety Conference

Testimonial from Jason: printRevolver has provided outstanding service, solutions and web design to my corporate clients for the last few years.  His superior knowledge and ability to design for many different industries is a true asset to my team and I promote web design & development heavily as I enjoy […]

Dream Ink

The homepage has a slideshow to feature upcoming events, news, and new videos. Clicking on a video will pop it open in a “lightbox” and automatically start playing. We wrote some ASP code to randomize a “spotlight” that showcases new companies. The site uses drop-down menus to organize the many, […]

Corporate Homepage

Gemcom had a very outdated website, so this was a complete overhaul. They already had business cards made up with the wavy blue graphic seen behind the logo, so I incorporated it into the site. I modified their logo slightly, giving it a bit more personality, but keeping it recognizable […]


This is a WordPress blog. The look was designed by an outside design team, then given to us to actually create the theme from their mocks. It has some interesting features, like the different colored headlines for each post depending on the category it’s in. The design team is very […]

Industry News Blog