Project: Website

This site is running WordPress with a custom theme I created and all sorts of custom logos. It also has many added features, thanks to various plug-ins and edits I made to the main WordPress code. A lot of extra code and images were created for specific features. Type […]

Cracked Rabbit Gaming

This site was created with an older user audience in mind. We focused on large imagery and fonts, soft colors, and most importantly, easy navigation for the amount of information we needed to display. Created using CSS drop-down menus, simpleviewer galleries, and javascript slideshows.


iBeach needed a back-end ordering system for iBeach Tanning Salons to order their custom corporate merchandise for individual store locations, so we setup a Zen Cart store with a modified theme.

iBeach Tan

We reorganized all their info to make it easier to access with fewer clicks and separate windows. Movies were converted to flash and embedded in the page, and photos were added which pop-up in a lightbox effect. PDF tables are now directly on the page, and a full image at […]

Daniels Plows